Program Overview:

Discover the perfect blend of fun and education with our new “Preschool Prep” program, exclusively available at our Al Barsha location in Dubai. Designed for children aged 2 to 5 years, this innovative program combines the best elements of our “Preschool Steps” and “School Skills” classes, offering a comprehensive and enriching experience that prepares your little ones for their academic journey ahead.

Where They Are:

At this stage, children are at the peak of their imagination and creativity, eager to learn and explore. Our “Preschool Prep” program nurtures this natural curiosity, fostering independent learning and social skills. Whether they’re engaging in pretend play, tackling new challenges, or embarking on their first steps towards school readiness, our program provides the perfect environment for growth and development.

What to Expect in Class:

“Preschool Prep” is a dynamic and interactive experience where children delve into engaging themes such as outer space, animals, and bugs. The program begins with parent/child playtime, promoting bonding and trust. This is followed by a gentle separation period, where children engage in activities led by expert teachers, including puzzles, playdough, storytelling, and more. The class concludes with a joyful reunion, reinforcing the comforting notion that adults always return.

Program Benefits:

  • Physical Development: Our program offers a balanced approach to physical growth, focusing on both gross motor skills (through equipment play and coordination activities) and fine motor skills (like threading beads and pre-writing exercises).
  • Cognitive Growth: We emphasize problem-solving, reasoning, and imaginative play to support brain development, laying the foundation for future academic success.
  • Social Skills: “Preschool Prep” is an ideal setting for practicing social skills crucial for school readiness. Activities encourage collaboration, turn-taking, and sharing, all within a playful and safe environment.
  • Adult Perks: Parents enjoy 30+ minutes of uninterrupted time for personal tasks or relaxation, with the assurance that their children are in a nurturing and educational setting.

Program Highlights:

  • Literacy and Communication: Building upon the “School Skills” class, children develop early literacy skills through letter recognition, phonics, sight words, and more, all while enhancing communication and cooperation skills.
  • Creative and Play-Based Learning: Our program adopts a playful approach to traditional preschool concepts, encouraging creativity through art, station play, and thematic exploration.
  • Home Connection: Extend the learning experience with our “Literacy Kits,” featuring theme-based worksheets and activities to reinforce classroom concepts at home.

Enroll Now:

Don’t miss this opportunity to give your child a head start in their educational journey! Join us at Gymboree Play & Music, Al Barsha, Dubai, for our “Preschool Prep” program. Enroll now and witness the transformation as your child develops the skills, confidence, and love for learning that will last a lifetime.


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