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Explorers (22 Mo -3 Years)

child crawling through tunnel while playing
Where they are
Your little one is communicating, sharing opinions (probably mostly ‘no’), and showing interest in their first friends! They can do new things like walk backwards, jump, and balance on one foot.
What to expect in class
Our play floor comes to life with trips to the grocery store, eating pizza, finding animals, and even bugs! We’ll use creativity and imagination in all activities. Throw a pretend party, imagine a wild trip to outer space, or pretend to be an ant in a bug’s world…we’ll transform our playscape into a whole new world!

Explorers Advanced (3-5 Yrs)

Children painting in class
Where they are
They’re learning to play independently and as a team.
What to expect in class
Lots of co-operative games and imaginary adventures designed to build self confidence and promote the important personal and social skills needed for a successful transition into school.

Family Class (6 Mo-5Yrs)

child playing with parents in the background at gymboree
Where they are

Crawling, Walking, Running,
or Exploring! Everyone is welcome! Participating in a diverse class of physical, social, and cognitive develop- mental skills creates a dynamic class, where younger children benefit from watching older children and older children benefit from being leaders. Great for siblings too!

What to expect in class

More adventures come to life through imaginary play in this multi-age play class. A perfect opportunity for siblings to experience class together, or for children to practice more diverse social skills like leadership and peer modeling.